Vektor Mini Keel/Knubster/Futures/Black Color For Cheap

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Vektor Mini Keel/Knubster/Futures/Black Color

VMK-Vektor Mini Keel

 Little brother to most modern keel fins that run as twin trailers. This template is designed after the modern keel fin. The cut out at the rear of the base reduces drag and smaller tip creates a more responsive and progressive ride.  The added drive and smoothness of this template can be used in all set ups ranging from Twin trailers, thruster trailers, quad and twin stabilizers to add drive and control. Also works well as side bites for longboards.

Vexcore is a Super lightweight resin made with Hexcore and Carbon fiber for added strength and stiffness. This allows for a thinner foil creating better projection and speed.

2 7/8″ tall x 3 3/4″ base (front to cut out tip)

Recommended Rider Sizes:

  • MEDIUM (65-80Kg / 145-175 Lbs)
  • LARGE (75-90Kg / 165 200+ Lbs) 

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