Vektor Drive/Knubster/FCS II Compatible/Red Color Discount

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Vektor Drive/Knubster/FCS II Compatible/Red Color

Versatile Template


The VT is the most versatile template. The base adds drive while still providing a smooth release.  The 2″ tip gives the fin a good bite into the wave for added stability. It is designed to work in all conditions ranging from small mushy surf to overhead hollow waves.  

The length of the base is shortened to give it looseness in smaller waves. This unique template has the proper balance of fin depth, base length, and trailing edge giving you drive, speed, control, and maneuverability. The VT is the best fin to introduce riders to high-performance fin design.

Vexcore is the newest innovation from Vektor Systems. Made with Honeycomb/Hexcore and Carbon fiber for added strength, stiffness, and reduced weight. This allows for a thinner foil creating better projection and speed.


  • 2” tall x 5” base.

Recommended Rider Size:

  • SMALL (55-70Kg / 120-155 Lbs)
  • MEDIUM (65-80Kg / 155-175 Lbs)
  • LARGE (75-90Kg / 175-200+ Lbs)

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