VEIA/DECKPAD/John John Florence/3PC Round Tail/Night Red on Sale

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VEIA/DECKPAD/John John Florence/3PC Round Tail/Night Red

John John Florence 3PC Round Tail Pro Pad

Round Tail Pro Pad:

  • Designed with John’s Pyzel Ghost model in mind
  • Made to fit comfortably on round tail surfboards
  • Features a three-piece design

John John Florence Pad:

  • Designed in collaboration with John John Florence
  • Offers everything you need and nothing you don’t
  • Features SuperSOFT Eco EVA foam and a 45 to flat kick pad for maximum performance
  • Provides consistent connection to improve surfing performance
  • Has an arch bar and ultralite venting
  • Includes VEIA Venting and Weight reduction cutouts and a diamond pattern
  • Comes with recycled packaging
  • Features a three-piece design


  • The JJF Pro Pad is designed for optimal surfing performance
  • The focus is on better, not more
  • Both the Round Tail Pro Pad and the JJF Pro Pad feature a three-piece design

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