Takayama/HALO CENTER FIN/7.5″-8.5″/Almond Color Supply

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Takayama/HALO CENTER FIN/7.5″-8.5″/Almond Color

The Donald Takayama Halo Center Fins.

Inspired by Stand Up Paddle boards, the Halo fin is a truly unique and original creation. Donald wanted to develop a fin that would make turning easier while riding massive boards. The fins feature a distinctive shape, with a flat front edge and curved back edge, giving the impression of being backward. However, this design allows for easier and more forgiving turns, without the need to step all the way back on the tail as with traditional fins. Through extensive research and development, DT has produced many variations of the Halo fin to complement different board types, from thrusters to mid-lengths and longboards. With 14 different size options for center and side fins, the Halo fin offers endless combinations for experimentation. Don’t miss out on adding this must-have accessory to your surfboard quiver!

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