SHARK OFF/Bracelet/Wearable Shark Repellent/Black Sale

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SHARK OFF/Bracelet/Wearable Shark Repellent/Black

Bracelet Wearable Shark Repellent

  • The SharkOff bracelet is a non-magnetic shark repellent made with rare earth metals.
  • The technology behind the bracelet was inspired by a PBS special featuring marine biologist Patrick Rice, who discovered that rare earth elements repel sharks.
  • Through experiments, Rice found that sharks are repelled by the electrical current caused by the interaction between rare earth metals and their body, disrupting their electromagnetic balance.
  • The SharkOff bracelet uses this technology to create a line of non-magnetic shark repellent bracelets that can be worn on your ankle or wrist.
  • The bracelets are designed to keep you safe from sharks while you’re out surfing or swimming.
  • We stock black SharkOff bracelets at Hawaiian South Shore, so come on down and pick one up today.

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