Kanoa Dahlin/Side Bite/4.0/FCS II/Clear For Cheap

$81.60 $102.00



Kanoa Dahlin/Side Bite/4.0/FCS II/Clear

Kanoa Fins by Fins Unlimited

Side Bites FCS fins

Hawaiian South Shore is one of the few who sell this kind of fins.

Introducing Kanoa Fins by Fins Unlimited, the perfect fins for any surfer looking to take their skills to the next level. Our Side Bytes FCS fin design is one of the most sought-after in the surfing community, and now, Hawaiian South Shore is proud to offer these exceptional fins to our customers.

Crafted with precision using only the highest quality materials, Kanoa Fins by Fins Unlimited are designed to enhance your surfing experience. The unique Side Bytes FCS design provides unparalleled stability and control, allowing you to effortlessly carve through the waves.

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