FCS II/MICK FANNING/Twin+1 Fin/PC+AirCore/XL/Accelerator Template/White For Discount

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FCS II/MICK FANNING/Twin+1 Fin/PC+AirCore/XL/Accelerator Template/White

Mick Fanning Twin Fin White

NEW RELEASE: Mick Fanning’s specialty twin takes aspects of the revolutionary H4 and Mick’s wildly popular signature thruster to combine into a highly tuned twin form, built for speed and control.

Because Mick Fanning loves his twins so much (you’d expect no less from the man that most consider to be the fastest surfer in the world), it was only a matter of time before he developed his own twin fin model. Working with FCS, Mick has drawn from the revolutionary H4 fin project, refining the template and foil of the H4 fins and applying them to a state-of-the-art twin fin that generates massive amounts of speed without sacrificing the control that most twins lose through turns. Perfect for huge drawn-out carves and speed blurs down the line, the H4 Twin is loose and drivey, but has enough hold to support modern lip turns and hacks without skipping out like many other twin setups do.

The FCS H4 Twin is perfect for dedicated twin fin boards but can also be used with hybrids and grovelers that feature quad and thruster fin box setups if you want to add a bit of speed and pizazz to your surfing, and you can even add a small stabilizer center fin if you want to feel something different. Check them out!

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