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FCS/Deckpad/SKY BROWN/Sea Foam

FCS Deck Pad Sky Brown Sea Foam

Sky Brown’s signature traction pad takes inspiration from the FCS T-3, which is the most popular pad in the Essential Series range. This design connection is noteworthy, especially considering the significance of Hawaiian surfers in the evolution of modern surfing and the development of surfing equipment.


The FCS T-3 pad is a highly versatile surf pad that allows for customizable positioning and spreading of the side panels to fit most tail shapes. It features a double square groove, a popular choice among FCS team riders, which enables subtle foot adjustments and a secure lock-in during turns. The pad also includes a small coffin arch bar, high tail kick, perforations for added sensitivity, and a sanded EVA surface for enhanced grip and resistance.

What makes Sky Brown’s signature FCS T-3 pad unique is its fresh pastel palette graphic that complements her signature FCS II Accelerator fin. This three-piece pad is also made with sugarcane bio-foam, a more sustainable and eco-friendly material choice.

As a Hawaiian surfer, you understand the importance of high-quality and customizable equipment that enhances your performance on the waves. The FCS T-3 pad, with its versatile design and performance-enhancing features, is a great choice for any surfer looking to take their surfing to the next level


The FCS Traction system prioritizes three crucial aspects of surfing: comfort, support, and grip. By ensuring your foot is well-connected to the board, this system enables you to push hard against your fins, leading to maximum speed and drive as you ride the waves.

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